Product Description

The new benchmark in raw mix proportioning and control. The RMX directly measures the elements Ca, Si, Fe, Al, S and Mg and calculates the hypothetical compounds LSF, C3S, C2S, C3A, C4AF. Large sample size intake, in-built sample preparation robotics, HRTC-XRF MD-optics module with state-of-the-art SDD detector for improved accuracy and repeatability; designed for post-mill installation.

Industry Applications:

Analyzes complete raw meal chemistry providing 20 complete data sets per hour. Takes into account CKD (Cement Kiln Dust) for better raw mix control. Can be used with any raw mix proportioning software to reduce variation and limit drift. Post mill installation translates to a more representative analysis and bias-free material presentation.


  • Highly representative elemental analysis, taking into account recirculating kiln dust
  • Incorporates sample preparation robotics and presentation system
  • Accurate and repeatable results with virtually “zero” drift
  • Large sample size of 50-100g/min (1/4 pound per minute)
  • Unique post mill installation ensures bias-free material presentation
  • Stable, accurate calibration
  • Compact size adapts easily to existing plant layouts
  • Smart design for ease of use and increased safety
  • Industrial grade touchscreen interface for local diagnostics, operation and control


Product Details

  • Software: Powered by ClassX software
  • Dimensions: 760 x 470 x 525 mm (30 x 19 x 21 inches)
  • Weight: 80kg (175 lb)
  • Power: 110/220 VAC or 60Hz, 750W, 1 Phase
  • Download: Fact Sheet